Scientific Journal of Electronic and Cyber Defense

"Electronic and Cyber Defense" Journal, based on the regulation of scientific publications of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, in the assessment of 1401 (2023) has been ranked "B".
According to the latest review and ranking of the country's scientific publications in the Islamic World Science Citation Database (ISC), the scientific journal of Electronic and Cyber Defense has been ranked Q4 in terms of quality.
The Journal "Electronic and Cyber Defense" (ECD) is a scientific quarterly of the Faculty and Research Institute of Electrical, Electronic and Cyber Warfare of Imam Hossein (AS) University, which is under the supervision of the Research Policy and Planning Office of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology after obtaining permission from the Scientific Publications Commission of the country. has a scientific-research degree. The Review of the articles in this publication is Double anonymous, and the publication of the accepted articles is free and open access. The purpose of publishing this Journal is to publish the latest achievements of researchers in the field of electronic and cyber defense in order to expand the frontier of knowledge and technology in these subjects. In this regard, all researchers, thinkers and innovators are invited to prepare their original research articles in Persian language (include English abstract) and send them online through the special system of the journal website.
  • Credit of the publication: Scientific-Research with Rank (B)
  • Initial review time: 1 week Maximum
  • Publisher: Imam Hussein University
  • Country of Publication: Iran
  • Start of publication: 2013
  • Specialized field: Theories, Models and Systems Related of Electronic and Cyber Defense
  • Type of articles to be published: Research
  • Publication status: Print and Electronic
  • Publication sequence: Quarterly
  • Journal language: Persian (English abstract)
  • Type of arbitration: Double Blind Peer Review; two reviewers
  • Average time for judging articles: Maximum 2 months
  • Citation method: IEEE
  • Type of Access: Open Access (OA)
  • Publication email:
  • Status of access to the full text of articles: Open access and free download
  • The Cost of reviewing and publishing the article: Free
  • Type of License: CC- BY


*Important points that authors should note:

  1. It is necessary for the authors to use the journal format when submitting the article.
  2. It is necessary to complete and sign the commitment letter and conflict of interest form by the responsible author and then upload it to the journal system when submitting.
  3. In order to prevent plagiarism, this Journal uses the Matching system (Samim Noor or Irandak system) at the time of submitting the article. (Link to the guide to the plagiarism detetor system)
  4. Respecting the rules of ethics in publications, this Journal is subject to the rules of the Committee on Ethics in Publication (COPE) and follows the executive regulations of the Law on Prevention and combating fraud in Scientific Works.
  5. Complete the authors profile form completely.

Fields related to the Electronic and Cyber Defense Journal

1- Cyber defense (data security, software, system, hardware threats, etc.), 2- Information security, Encryption, cryptography, protocols and standards 3- Vulnerabilities and threats of cyber space 4- Jamming and Deception (Communication, radar, control, surveillance and navigation) 5- Finding, locating, rejecting and intercepting signals 6- Electronic defense (laser, electro-optical, acoustic) 7- Modeling and simulation of electronic  and Cyber Defense 8- New technologies Electronic and cyber defense 9- Command and control in electronic and cyber Defense 10- topics of doctrine, strategies and future research of related areas 11- processing based on related areas.

Current Issue: Volume 12, Issue 1 - Serial Number 45, June 2024 

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